How do we help people who we cannot see, who we cannot hear? How do we help the people of the world when the problems we have as humanity are on such a grand scale? How do we convey our desire to help? By being better to ourselves and one another: By being Noble.

"The greatest gift is to give". To give from your time, to give from your love, to give from your kindness: we believe these are they keys to a better tomorrow. We knew we wanted to give everything to those who are in need, but the question remained: HOW?

The answer we came to was dependent on the one medium of communication that transcends language: Art design. By selling apparel with designs that are as beautiful as the ideals they are based on, we hope to raise awareness of tragedies that many of us are unable to directly help, or even ignorant about, with the hope of making a positive difference.

Although just an idea, we had faith: Noble Designs is based on this universal constant, but not in the classic definition of the word. Regardless of a person's religion, color, or beliefs, we each have faith in something. Be it a deity, be it science, be it destiny - faith is ever present. 

We at Noble Designs choose to have faith in humanity's noble ideals, and faith in art. And thus, Noble Designs was born. Up to 80% of all profits are donated to charity. (Please see Charity Information Page for further details)


Noble Designs

Guided by Fashion; Inspired by Faith